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Types of Accommodations in Japan

Accommodations in Japan

There are a various range of accommodation types in Japan so you can find whatever best suits your needs or choose whatever interests you the most. And of course depending on the type of accommodation you choose there will be a huge range of rates as well. There are very expensive hotels in Japan but there are actually very affordable options as well. Traveling in Japan can be pretty expensive as train fees are pretty expensive and sight seeing can start adding up as well. So whether you are someone who has a budget or who doesn’t have a budget you can take a look to see what your options are. Mainly it is divided into Japanese style and Western style hotels. And with each style there are a bunch of different types that you can choose from.

Japanese Style Accommodation


Ryokan is a Japanese style room that is very traditional with Japanese style rooms. So there are tatami floors, futon for sleeping in and seats would be on the floor. A ryokan will usually include both a Japanese style breakfast and dinner. It will give you an opportunity to experience a Japanese lifestyle. The price of a ryokan can vary just like any other hotel. If you go to a very new and fancy ryokan then it will be expensive.

2. Minshuku

This is a Japanese style bed and breakfast type lodge. It is usually a family run place that has Japanese style rooms. And usually breakfast and dinner will be included in the price. Minshuku is usually much more on the affordable side.

Western Style Accommodation

Western Style Hotels

There are a bunch of different Western style hotels across Japan. Some that are international hotel chains or Japanese hotel chains. So there will usually be a bed and western style toilet. There will also usually be breakfast included and if it is included there is usually Japanese cuisine and Western cuisine for breakfast. Again, prices will vary depending on which hotel you book. International hotel chains are usually much more expensive than Japanese hotel chains.

2. Business Hotel

Business Hotels are pretty much Western style hotels that are just much smaller rooms but also a much more cheaper option. There are a bunch of big chain business hotels that are extremely affordable and actually pretty nice as well. These places usually do not include meals but will have a restaurant where you can add break, lunch or dinner separately.

3. Pensions

Pensions are very similar to the minshuku except instead of being Japanese style it is Western style. These are much more common to find in resort towns and in the countryside and much less common in the city.

4. Hostels/Dorms

Their are actually some really nice hostels if you go to some of the major cities in Japan. The hostels and dorms are the cheapest option for accommodation in Japan.

Unique Accommodations:

Capsule Hotels

A capsule hotel usually provides you with just enough room for a bed and pretty much nothing else. They are usually stacked one on top of the other so you will not even have your own room. Usually there is a television inside of the capsule and then there is a shared bathroom and lockers available to put your belongings in.

2. Temple Lodgings

If you want to experience staying in a Buddhist temple lodging then it is possible for tourists to do so. The stay will offer a Japanese style room and you will be provided with vegetarian meals. When staying you can also experience the morning prayers alongside the monks at the temple.

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