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Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)

I previously wrote a Autumn Scenery in Kyoto part 1 and I mentioned a few places in Kyoto that you can visit that is popular during the autumn season. Although many of the places that I mentioned is popular year round it is especially popular for the fabulous maple trees that turn a yellow and red colour in autumn. So I will be introducing a few more places that you can go to that are extremely popular for beautiful autumn scenic view in Kyoto.

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)(source: https://matome.naver.jp/odai/2141094111795011201/2141110516082941503)

The leaves at the Bishamon-do temple turn into brilliant vibrant colours during the autumn season and with the trees and the main hall it makes for a perfect picture. It is said that the most beautiful shot can be taken early in the morning after it has rained. But even on a regular sunny day you are bound to snap a beautiful shot. This temple is a part of the Tendai sect of Buddhism and has a very strong connection to the imperial family. Gyoki, a monk, opened this temple in 703 and then another buddhist priest restored it at the present location in 1665.

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)(source: https://4travel.jp/travelogue/10833783)

I wrote about the Kifune Jinja shrine in one of my previous blogs as it’s a really beautiful shrine that is very worth visiting if you are in Kyoto. It’s a bit further away from the centre of Kyoto city but if you have the time I would definitely recommend going here. And during autumn the beautiful trees get lit up together at night. The area has a bunch of Japanese lanterns as this is a district with lots of Japanese style inns and restaurants.

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)(source: http://jp.zekkeijapan.com/spot/index/473/?language=ja)

There is one temple in Higashiyama that is known for the temple of Maple Leaves. Ever since the Heian period the Eikan-do Zenrin-ji Temple is known for one of the best spots of autumn tints. On the grounds of this temple there are about 3,000 maple leaves coloured in a bright red colour. It is recommended to visit the temple when the gates first open in the morning as that is when there are less people.

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)(source: http://www.imamiya.jp/haruhanakyoko/colored/info/daikaku.htm)

There is a special admission in Autumn at the Daikaku-ji temple. There is an Osawa no ike pond and the main hall and maple trees are all lit up at night. And when the 2 storied pagoda is lit up a night with the maple trees they reflect beautifuly into the Osawa no ike pond.

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)(source: https://www.insidekyoto.com/2016/11/kyoto-photo-fall-colors-from-inside-ruriko-in-temple.html)

From Unryu-in Temple there is a room where visitors can enjoy the view of the garden that has beautiful autumn leaves. It is gorgeous during any season but if you are a sucker for autumn leaves then you will love the Unryu-in Temple. You can even relax with some tea and sweets while you are here.

Autumn Scenery in Kyoto (Part 2)(source: https://icotto.jp/presses/8618)

On Mount Takao there is a temple called the Jingo-ji temple and it is also known as the land of kukai who is the great Buddhist master. At night during the autumn season there is a special exhibition for the Bhaisajya-guru which is a national treasure. This Bhaisajya-guru is is held at the gold hall which is beautifully lit up at night.

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