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Difference between Men and Women’s Kimono

Difference between Men and Women’s Kimono

Difference between Men and Women’s Kimono

A kimono is worn by both men and women in Japan, although most people probably think that it is only worn by women. And there are actually many differences between men’s and women’s kimono. So in this blog i’ll explain all the differences between a women’s and men’s kimono. When you go to Japan you can go for a Kimono rental and walk around Japan. It will definitely be a good experience so I definitely recommend going for a kimono rental.

If you look at the above picture these are a basic kimono for a man and woman. And i’m sure that you can already spot a few differences. Usually for the colour, a women’s kimono has more varieties. There are a whole bunch of different colours that women can choose from like red, pink, purple etc. But male kimonos are usually more subtle colours like navy, black, brown or grey.

Difference between Men and Women’s Kimono(source: https://www.hareginomarusho.co.jp/contents/furisode/539/)

Difference between Men and Women’s Kimono(source: https://www.otokokimonokato.com/blog/tag/coordinate/)

And for the pattern men’s kimono usually don’t have much of a pattern on them and are usually just one colour or two colours. But a women’s kimono usually has much more patterns on them. There are usually flowers or other patterns that are related to nature on a women’s kimono. So women usually have more fun selecting their kimono as there are so many different patterns and colours to choose from.

Difference between Men and Women’s Kimono(source: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/nadesiko-rental/re-h-ky0302.html#)

Difference between Men and Women’s Kimono(source; https://walin.jp/plan/mens/stg-23-ml.html)

Men and women can have kimono that are either one piece or two piece style. So for the two piece it is when a hakama which are pants are worn on the lower half of the body. It is much more common for men to wear a hakama than women but it can be worn by both men and women in a formal situation. For example, girls will often wear a hakama for their graduation.

Men will usually style their hair however they like and will usually hold a small clutch type bag if they need to carry things around. But you will often see men with no bags. Women on the other hand can arrange their hair in a bunch of different ways. Before women would always have a very Japanese style hairstyle so it would be an up style.

It also depends on what you are wearing and what kind of event you are wearing the kimono to so if you are going to a very formal event and are wearing a very formal kimono then it is best to go with a Japanese style hairstyle. But for casual events and graduation many people often go with more casual hairstyles like a half up style

Then to go with the kimono a hairpiece/flowers will be put in the hair. And a little bag will be carried that matches the kimono.

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