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Hiroshima is one of the major cities of the Chugoku Region and is probably most well known for the location where the atomic bomb dropped. The destructive power of the atomic bomb shocked the entire world. After the bomb was dropped, there was a great effort made to try and rebuild the city. The bomb had destroyed almost every building standing in Hiroshima and just left a few partially standing. One of the buildings that was left standing and has become one of the most famous landmarks in Hiroshima is the atomic dome. The Peace Memorial Park is located right by the atomic dome. There is also a museum located in the same area where you can see the history of the atomic bombing.

Although Hiroshima may be most well known for the city where the atomic bomb dropped, there are also a bunch of other tourist attractions including shrines, temples, towns, and very delicious food.

Some of the other top attractions in Hiroshima are:

Hiroshima Castle



(picture source: http://ganpaku.net/hiroshima/hiroshima-1122/)

This is a castle that is a bit different from many other types of caste as built on a plain in the centre of the city. Many castles are often built on a hill top or mountain top. The Hiroshima castle is about five stories tall and there is a moat around the castle. Within the grounds there is actually a shrine and there are some ruins as well.




(picture souce: http://www.swaindestinations.com/asia/activities/325/hiroshima-and-miyajima-tour)

Miyajima will definitely be one of the most favourite places you visit in Hiroshima. It is a boat ride away from Hiroshima but it is a really short ride. It could be said that it is similar to Nara park with all the deers in the area that are very well accustomed  to being around human beings. Miyajima has the famous giant torii gate that looks as though it is floating when there are high tides. And when the tides are low you can actually walk right up to the Torii gate. Itsukushima shrine is absolutely beautiful and if you walk up Mount Misen you will get an absolutely stunning view of the city.




(picture source: http://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/148009/car/675075/2417777/1/photo.aspx#title)

Onomichi is a very small town in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture near the Seto Inland Sea. If you are in Onomichi you will see that all of the neighbouring islands are connected by the Shimanami Kaido bridges. People will often drive across these bridges to island hop or they will bike their way across to each island. But if you are planning to bike your way across I would highly recommend having an early start and make sure that you don’t do it on a hot summer day because it will be super exhausting.

Peace Memorial Park



(picture source: http://world2trip.com/hiroshima-trip-hiroshimapeacememorialpark-sightseeing/)



(picture source: https://twitter.com/hashtag/%E5%BA%83%E5%B3%B6%E5%8E%9F%E7%88%86%E3%83%89%E3%83%BC%E3%83%A0)

The most prominent feature of Hiroshima city would be the Peace Memorial Parl. The park is actually near the downtown area of the city and even if you are not looking for it you are likely to stumble upon it. Before the city was attacked, the location that is now the Peace Memorial Park was the political and commercial centre. Which is the reason it was chosen as the location for the atomic bomb to be dropped. 4 years after the bomb was dropped, it was decided that the location that was once a political and commercial centre would be turned into a peace memorial park.

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