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Osaka Station Lockers and Luggage Storage

Osaka Station Lockers and Luggage Storage

Osaka Station Lockers and Luggage Storage

If you are traveling to Osaka, you may have a lot of stuff with you and maybe you would like to put your belongings in a locker before you start your day of sightseeing. Well Osaka station actually has tons of lockers and there are a bunch of different sizes. Many of these lockers can be found right near the ticket gates but if they are full, which they usually are, there are lockers located in other parts of the station that you can use. There are a few different sized lockers that cost differently depending on the size. They start at 300 and the mid size locker is 500 yen and the biggest size is 700 yen.

Osaka Station Lockers and Luggage Storage(source: https://tokyolucci.jp/ueno-coinlocker)

If you have luggage that will not fit in the biggest locker or the there are no big lockers left then there is a luggage storage room located near the Central Concourse on the first floor.

Osaka Station Lockers and Luggage Storage(source: https://wonder-solutions.info/1695.html)

Most of the lockers are located on the first and third floor of the station building. The location that has the most amount of lockers is by the Central Concourse. From the Central Ticket Gate, if you walk directly across form it you will see a big green sign for the ticket office and then there is a passage beside the ticket office. If you go along the passage way the lockers can be found behind and across the ticket office.

On the southern end of the Central Concourse you’ll see that there is a Cafe Ripple by Hotel Granvia and you’ll be able to find more lockers here.

There are also more lockers located near the ticket gate of the Sakurabashi Gate. If you look at the map you’ll be able to see the location of the Sakurabashi Gate. And if you exit the building from this gate there are lots of lockers located outside as well.

By the South Gate of the station you will be able to find tons of lockers here as well.

And again, more lockers can be found at the Midosuji North Gate area.

On the north side of the Central Concourse you will find that there is a JR Bus Terminal. Here you can find a few smaller lockers.

On the third floor of Osaka Station there is the Bridge Gate. Near this gate you will see that there is an Osaka Station City Information Center nearby. If you go pat the information center and turn right you’ll see that there are a bunch of lockers.

Across from the JR Bus Terminal there is a walkway that leads to the Grand Front Osaka shopping centre. Underneath this walkway are more lockers that you can use. It’s a bit harder to find these lockers and because they aren’t on any maps you won’t know that they are there unless you know that they are there. So if all the other lockers are full you will have a pretty good chance of finding an unused locker here.

As I mentioned above, there are 300 yen, 500 yen and 700 yen lockers. These are fee that you will pay for the whole day. At 2 am it will be considered a new day and 12 am for the lockers located on the south side of the station so make sure that you get your stuff out of the lockers by this time. If you are not able to get to your luggage in time it will still be there but you will be charged a additional fee.

Almost all of the lockers at the Osaka station have an automated keyless system. There is a central control panel in the middle of the lockers where you can select your language on the touch screen and the follow the instructions step by step.

First you’ll have to put you luggage in the locker and then pull down the locker tab until it turns red. Then go to the touch screen and the locker that you put your belongings in will turn green. Select your locker. It will then ask if you want to pay be cash or by IC card.

If you want to pay by cash you can pay with coins or you can use a yen note. If you pay with the IC card it will tell you to touch your IC card to the certain area. It will give you a receipt if you are paying by cash. Make sure not to lose it because you will need the number on the receipt to retrieve your luggage. And if you pay with an IC card you will need your IC card to open the locker.

Some of the other lockers at the station will be old style so there will be no touch screen or automated key so you will need to keep the key with you and make sure that you do not lose it because you will not be able to retrieve your luggage.

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