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Popular places to live in Tokyo

Popular places to live in Tokyo

Popular places to live in Tokyo

If you are moving to Japan or thinking of moving to Japan then I’m sure that you are looking for the best places to stay. But of course everyone will have different preferences as I’m sure that you all have a budget or you want to live somewhere that is in a convenient location or you want to live somewhere where the living expenses are low. There are lots of factors that go into picking a place to live. But according to a survey taken in 2017 by SUUMO, a popular real estate company in Japan, locals have chosen the following 4 places as the top places to live.

Popular places to live in Tokyo

(picture source: https://resources.realestate.co.jp/area-guide/kichijoji-area-guide/)

Popular places to live in Tokyo


(picture source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/03/01/national/bars-cherry-blossoms-totoro-kichijoji/#.WwtrUIpUuJA)

The place that was voted as the number 1 best place to live in Tokyo is Kichijoji. It is located in the west part of the Suginami ward and has become popular to singles, young couples and also young families. It has a very diverse atmosphere and has a bohemian vibe to it as well. There is a lot going on in Kichijoji as there are lots of places to go drinking and there are lots of cool shops, restaurants and cafes. So if you’re someone who likes an area with lots going on but still want to be somewhat closer to the the centre of the city then this is a great place to live. The Chuo and Sobu lines run through Kichijoji so you have easy access to the commercial areas like Tokyo and Shinjuku. You can find places that are relatively cheap here although they may be very small. It is said that you can find places starting from 40,000 yen per month. Which is extremely cheap considering how close it is to the centre of the city.

Popular places to live in Tokyo

(picture source: http://恵比寿で脱毛.com/)

Popular places to live in Tokyo(picture source: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%81%B5%E6%AF%94%E5%AF%BF%E9%A7%85#/media/File:JRE-Yamanote-LIne-Ebisu-Station.jpg)

The second most popular place to live in Tokyo is Ebisu. This is a higher end neighbourhood but still a very friendly and relaxed neighbourhood. There are more fancier restaurants and cafes in this area. It is also very popular amongst expats as there are a lot of embassies and international corporate headquarters located nearby. It is also located in a great area as it is along the Yamanote line. So you have super easy access to all the central locations. There are also lots of drugstores, grocery stores and there is a department store located right inside of the station. So it is a really popular place for families to live as well. But because of it’s very convenient location it is more on the expensive side. It is said that at the cheapest you will be able to find a place starting from 70,000 yen per month.

Popular places to live in Tokyo

(picture source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/jp/yokohama-royal-park.ja.html)

Popular places to live in Tokyo(picture source: https://plat.navitime.co.jp/article/TBNarticle20502/)

The third most popular place to live is Yokohama. Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan but it is further away from Tokyo. But the transportation system in Japan is superb. It has become so convenient that they have express trains that go from the Yokohama area to the Tokyo area in 30 minutes. It has become so convenient that people are now able to live in the Yokohama area and have no problem commuting to the Tokyo area. And the Yokohama area tends to have rent that is much cheaper than Tokyo. Yokohama is also nice because unlike the Tokyo area it is a lot more spread out and spacious. So you can actually get a place that is much bigger for the same price as a small place in the Tokyo area. It is said that places like the Asahi, Minami, Nishi and Kanazawa wards have especially cheap rent and some even start from 30,000 yen a month.

Popular places to live in Tokyo(picture source: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/kuub7/e/325140b08ca65e5fdabba0146b285fa1)

Popular places to live in Tokyo(picture source: https://chintaibest.com/meguroku_meguro/)

The fourth most popular place to live in Tokyo is Meguro. Meguro is pretty similar to Ebisu and it is more of a high end area to live. It is known to have a very relaxed atmosphere and is very popular amongst families and couples. There are a lot of great restaurants and cafes in this area and there is also a Nitori and department store located at the station. There are also lots of buses that stop at Meguro station so you can take both the train or bus to wherever you need to get to. Meguro is also extremely popular as the famous cherry blossoms bloom by the Meguro river during the Spring time. So you can take a stroll or go for a run by the Meguro river while enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms in Japan are absolutely beautiful and attract so many tourists every year. As this is a higher end area to live the rent is definitely more on the expensive side. But if you look hard enough there are some places that start at about 60,000 yen per month. There are also some share houses and guest houses in this area that start from around 30,000 yen per month.

So although it may take some work and a lot of research there are very affordable options out there if you are willing to make some compromises. The best thing to do would first find an area that you are interested in and then go to that area and visit some of the real estate shops located in that area. From there they will give you the best information and information on places that aren’t even listed on the internet yet.

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