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Spring in Japan

Spring in Japan

Spring in Japan

When people think of Spring time in Japan they think about the Cherry blossoms. But there is actually more than just the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms that you can appreciate during this time. Here are some of the top places that you can enjoy flowers when you visit Japan.

Spring in Japan

In Shizuoka there is a park called the Izu Shikinohana Park where there are over 20,000 canola flowers bloom and there are also over 100 sakura trees. You can also enjoy unique flowers from all over the world which bloom at the greenhouses at the Izu Shikinohana Park.

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In Kawazu there is an annual Sakura Festival that takes place and it is one of the major spring attractions in the region. It’s held along the Kawazu River so you will see all the beautiful sakura trees lining the river. This whole area is illuminated with different colours at night so the view can be enjoyed during the day and at night.

Spring in Japan(source: https://kosublog.com/en/minaminosakuratonanohana-festival-201502/)

At Shimokamo Onsen which is located in Shizuoka there is a festival called the Minami no Sakura to Nanohana Matsuri. You can enjoy the beautiful pink sakura while relaxing in the hot spring onsen. This is a combination that can rarely be experienced. And since the sakura trees are illuminated at night you can go out for a stroll at night and enjoy the beautiful view.

Spring in Japan

Another great place in Shizuoka is Matsusaki where the Nakagawa Tei no Sakura Namiki offers a great collaboration of the river and flowers. It is a picturesque view with flowers gardens and sakura trees. You can also sit down and soak your feet in the free foot bath hot spring while enjoying the view.

Spring in Japan(source: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g780857-d6558053-i311868082-Kariyado_no_Geba_Zakura_Sakura-Fujinomiya_Shizuoka_Prefecture_Tokai_Chub.html)

Shizuoka has a place called the Kariyado no Geba Zakura where one of the top 5 sakura trees in Japan can be found. It is also designated as a Natural Monument. You can also appreciate the good view of the famous Mount Fuji in the background from Kariyado no Geba Zakura.

In Tokyo you can visit the famous Kasai Seaside Park which is the most famous place to go birdwatching. This park is the most important habitat for birds and some of these birds are even listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. During the Winter time thousands of birds gather at the park and then once spring time comes there are lots of flowers that bloom. You can enjoy many different types of flowers and sakura cherry blossoms with lots of cute birds as well.

Spring in Japan(source: https://fastjapan.com/en/p110439)

In the middle of the city in Tokyo is the Hamarikyu Gardens which is almost like an oasis in the urban environment. During the Spring time, there are canola flowers that bloom at the Hamarikyu Gardens. There is also a beautiful teahouse so definitely make sure to drop by if you’re in the area.

Spring in Japan(source: https://ridgelineimages.com/sightseeing/koganei-park-fall-colours/)

In Koganei Park of Konegai Tokyo you can see some of the most beautiful cherry blossoms. It is even listed as one of the Top 100 Sakura Spots in Japan. The sakura trees at the Koganei park were first planted in 1737 during the Edo era. There is a sakura festival that takes place when the sakura is in full bloom. There is also great food and traditional performances that you can enjoy during the festival.

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