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Top 5 Affordable Ryokans Near Tokyo

Top 5 Affordable Ryokans Near Tokyo

Top 5 Affordable Ryokans Near Tokyo

There are many relaxing hot spring onsens that you can find all across Japan. And both locals and foreigners find it very enjoyable to soak in an onsen. People go at all times of the day for many different reasons. Whether it is to relax after a long day or to just have a relaxing bath before the day starts or to even just go during the day to get some peace and quiet. There are lots of onsens where you can just drop in for an hour or two but if you’re interested in enjoying the onsen at a more leisurely pace then you can always stay over at a ryokan which is a Japanese style inn.

When you stay at a Japanese inn you can experience the Japanese lifestyle and you can enjoy the traditional Japanese course meal that is served and go inside the onsen whenever you would like. There are also lots of open air ryokans near the top Tokyo area that you can go to the are pretty affordable so I will list five of the most affordable ryokans.

Five of these affordable open air onsens that I will be talking about in this blog are all located in an area called Hakone which is the south western part of the Kanagawa prefecture. Hakone is very well known for being a hot spring resort town. And as Mount Fuji is close by Hakone is a very popular place for people to visit. Hakone can be easily reached from Tokyo so you can easily go there for a weekend getaway and even for a one day trip.

Top 5 Affordable Ryokans Near Tokyo

Hakone is only about two hours away from Tokyo by train. The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Hakone from Shinjuku station is to take the Romance Car which is a limited express train. If you take the Romance car it will take about 85 minutes and costs a little over 2,000 yen for one way.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to get to Hakone then you can take the slower train which take about two hours. It takes a little longer than the Romance car because you’ll have to transfer once at the Odawara Station. And for the slower train the seats will be less comfortable compared to the Romance car but it will only cost 1,190 yen to get to Hakone.

Top 5 Affordable Ryokans Near Tokyo

(source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/jp/hakone-kowakudani-onsen-mizunoto.ja.html)

The first onsen that I would like to introduce is the Hotel Mizunoto. This is located in the Hakone Kowakudani Onsen area and is in a quiet garden so visitors are able to enjoy the piece and are able to relax being surrounded by beautiful nature.

Hotel Mizunoto is famous for their beautiful large public open air hot spring bath which guests can use from 3pm to 1am and from 2am to 11am every day. There is also a large indoor public bath at this hotel that is open everyday from 3pm to 1am and from 5am to 11am.

And the great thing about Hotel Mizunoto is that if you are not comfortable using a public bath or you are traveling with family then you can choose a room that comes with a private open air bath. Or you also have the option of reserving a public open air bath for private use. If you would like to reserve the public open air bath for private use you will either have to reserve beforehand or you will be able to reserve it once you get to the hotel.

You also have the option of relaxing with their massage treatment which you can add for an additional fee. And after you have taken the time to soak up in the onsen you can enjoy the Japanese dinner that will be prepared for you.

Usually they will serve beef, seafood and whatever other seasonal ingredients they have prepared. During the day you can also go sightseeing at the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun or the Hakone Open Air Museum since the hotel is conveniently located nearby.

The four other recommended onsen resorts will be introduced in part 2 and part 3 of this blog so if you are interested make sure to head on over to those blogs.

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