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Top Osaka dining

Top Osaka dining

Top Osaka dining

All throughout Japan you can find a lot of delicious foods but Osaka is still one of the cities that is known as the ultimate food destinations. Everywhere you go you will see restaurant after restaurants lined up next to each other. Especially in the dotonbori area there is really not much else to do than to eat. So if you are heading to Osaka then you definitely need to know where some of the top restaurants are so you can try some of the best foods that Osaka has to offer.

And the following is all the food you MUST try. Osaka is really famous for Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Kushikatsu so I will introduce some popular places to go for these foods as well as some other popular foods.

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270201/27001436/)

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270201/27001436/)

If you want to try the best takoyaki then go to Kougaryu. This place has been featured on local magazines and on countless tv shows. It is located in the Amerikamura area of Osaka and is visited by a lot of young people as it is the main shopping area and also because it is very cheap. It is said to be one of the top class takoyaki in the Kansai area.

Top Osaka dining(picture source: http://tabi2deru.com/osaka-nanba-mizuno/)

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://r.gnavi.co.jp/k137800/menu4/)

Okonomiyaki is one of the main dishes associated with the Kansai area so there are tons of really delicious Okonomiyaki restaurants that you can find in Osaka but the most popular place is Mizuno which is located right in the Dotonbori area.

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://loco.yahoo.co.jp/place/g-2zJHNpkg1Q2/photo/?)

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270202/27003472/)

If you are in Namba then a popular Okonomiyaki restaurant to go to is Houzenji. The okonomiyaki here uses extremely fluffy batter and has a bunch of different ingredients mixed in with it.

Top Osaka dining(picture source: http://demigourmet.sblo.jp/article/88777733.html)

Top Osaka dining(picture source: http://www.kushikatu-daruma.com/sp/)

Another extremely popular dish in Osaka is kushikatsu. If you don’t know what kushikatsu is it is a dish of meat or vegetables that have been cut into bite size portions and then skewed and then dipped in batter and fried. The best kushi katsu that you will find in Osaka is at Kushikatsu Daruma which you can find in Shinsekai. There are 40 different types of kushikatsu here that are all absolutely delicious.

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://lineblog.me/fallindebu/archives/3777485.html)

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270206/27003532/)

Another popular Kushi katsu restaurant in the Shinsekai area is Yakko. Here they dip the kushi katsu in a thin batter and then lightly fry it until it is crispy. Daruma Kushikatsu is definitely the best but Yakko is definitely the next best in my opinion!

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://www.tripadvisor.jp/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g298566-d3779462-i191463487-Endo_Sushi_Kyobashi-Osaka_Osaka_Prefecture_Kinki.html)

Although you can get sushi anywhere in Japan, Osaka is after all the ultimate food destination in Japan so you have to try out the sushi in Osaka as well. The most recommended sushi place in Osaka is Endo Sushi. They have been serving fresh sushi for over 100 years. There are a bunch of different selections of fixed sushi sets that you can choose from or you can leave it up to the chef to serve his most recommended sushi. Because they are so popular it is said that people will start lining up as early as 5 am.

Top Osaka dining(picture source: http://ramen151e.blog71.fc2.com/blog-entry-646.html)

Top Osaka dining(picture source: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270201/27003205/)

If you are looking for some really good ramen to try then you should go to Ippudo which is located in Namba. Ippudo is originally from Hakata and has become so popular that they can now be found all over Japan.

Top Osaka dining

(picture source: http://bkyugourmet.moo.jp/zundouya.html)

Top Osaka dining

(picture source: https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000963734/food/)

Another popular local ramen place in Osaka is Zundo-ya which is in Shinsaibashi. This is like comfort food for Osaka people and the great thing about this place is that it is open 24 hours so even if you are out late drinking with your friends you can make a stop by here.


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