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Top Searched Hotels in Tokyo

Top Searched Hotels in Tokyo

Top Searched Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most famous destinations in the world. There are so many things that attract people such as its history, it’s beautiful nature scenery, its city fanatics and subculture fans. Some of the places that are filled with tourists include Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Asakusa and Akihabara. With the growing number of tourists visiting Tokyo there have been lots of cool hotels that have been made. In this blog I will be talking about some of the top searched hotels in Tokyo.

Number one on the list is the relatively new hotel called the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. It has become a new landmark of Shinjuku because of the godzilla head that sticks out the top of the building. It is located only a five minute walk away from Shinjuku station which is great as there are lots of different train lines that run through Shinjuku that will take you straight to most of the popular tourist areas.

Although Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is located in the red light district the red light district has become a lot better compared to before. And with the new hotel, movie theatre and other popular attractions and hotels being built in the area the area that used to be very sketchy is definitely not sketchy anymore.

You’ll find that a lot of tourists like to explore the red light district of Shinjuku as there are lots of cool places to see including lots of different izakayas and the robot restaurant. The golden gai is also located in the red light district which has become very popular amongst tourists. For those of you who have never heard of the golden gai it is an area with lots of restaurants and bars cramped into a small area.

Top Searched Hotels in Tokyo(source: https://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/theres-now-a-hotel-in-tokyo-with-godzilla-themed-rooms)

At the Hotel Gracery you can stay in one of their standard rooms but the most popular and most searched room in this hotel is the Godzilla View Room and the Godzilla Room. In the Godzilla View Room you will get the full view of the Godzilla head. From the room the Godzilla looks very realistic.

Top Searched Hotels in Tokyo(source: https://plat.navitime.co.jp/article/TBNarticle9776/)

The Godzilla Room has a smaller statue of Godzilla and also has a huge Godzilla hand crashing through the walls behind where the beds are. The wall of the room is also decorated with all sorts of posters and blueprints and those who stay in that room are given exclusive medals and souvenirs from the hotel.

Top Searched Hotels in Tokyo(source: https://www.houstoniamag.com/articles/2016/7/13/at-the-park-hotel-tokyo-the-art-is-the-deal)

The next most searched hotel in Tokyo is the ART Hotel at the Park Hotel Tokyo. ART stands for Atrium, Restaurant, and Travel. This hotel is located in the Shiodome Media Tower and the Park Hotel Tokyo has an art lounge which is on the 25th floor of the building giving you a spectacular view of the whole city.

On a clear day you’ll even be able to see Mount Fuji from the 25th floor. Within the hotel you’ll also find galleries that have different exhibitions depending on the season. There are a bunch of different room at the Park Hotel Tokyo and they are famously known for their artist rooms. The rooms are all designed differently and were decorated by renowned artists and interior designers.

Top Searched Hotels in Tokyo(source: https://www.habitusliving.com/architecture/park-hotel-tokyo)

Each of the room has different concepts like Japanese festivals, sumo wrestling, zodiac signs and dragons. One of the popular rooms is the Queen Geisha Goldfish room. In this room there are two geishas painted and there are goldfishes surrounding them.

This hotel is most popular amongst tourists with over 90% of the guests being foreigners. You can search up all the different rooms at this hotel and you can request a specific room if it is open. Since you will not be able to make the request online you’ll have to give them a call when requesting a specific room.

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