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Weird Japanese Etiquette and Manners to Know

Weird Japanese Etiquette and Manners to Know

If you know anything about Japan, then you know that Japanese people are extremely well mannered. Society is really strict so manners and etiquette are a huge thing. I’m sure that you know that Japanese people don’t allow shoes in the house and i’m sure that you know that Japanese people bow a lot. Well there is a long list of things that Japanese people do that is definitely unusual to the rest of the world. Maybe you may not care about their certain manners and etiquette but if you are traveling to a different country it may be best to respect their culture. Japanese people are extremely strict with manners so if you don’t respect that or follow their manners they will definitely be looking you with that side eye look.

One of the things you should absolutely not do is smoke in a non-designated area. It’s not just a manner thing but actually against the law to do so. And i’m sure you can guess why. Japan is a super crowded place so if people were just walking on the streets with a cigarette in their hand they could easily burn someone by accident. Also, pregnant women want people who smoke to be very very far away from them. Mother’s with small children also do not like it when people smoke near their children. That is why there are designated smoking areas so that pregnant women and young children are protected from second hand smoking.

Another thing you should know is that it is highly frowned upon to eat on the train. You will occasionally see people eating on the train but people will stare at you. This is because people don’t like the smell and they don’t want your dirty greasy hands touching the handles. It’s just considered as bad manners so make sure to not eat on the train.

Another thing that is considered as bad manners is eating food that you have not purchased yet. I’m sure that many of you have done this before because sometimes we just get hungry while grocery shopping and because we know that we will be purchasing it there isn’t really a problem with this. However, if you go grocery shopping in Japan I guarantee you that you will not see anyone doing this. So it would be best to open those bags of chips AFTER you’ve purchased them.

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