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Wifi in Japan

Wifi in Japan Part 2

Wifi in Japan Part 2


If you have read my first blog about Getting Wifi in Japan then you’ll already know a thing or two about what the wifi situation is like in Japan. If you have not read it make sure to check it out. Whether you have read my Part 1 blog about Getting Wifi in Japan or not I will do a bit of a recap on what was covered in the first blog.



Wifi has become quite an essential part of our lives in order to either keep in touch with friends and family, guide us to our location, respond to work emails, and keeping up on social media. So knowing how much access you’ll actually have to wifi while you are traveling around Japan will be pretty important to know. Well, if you are wondering if there is access to free wifi the answer is Yes. BUT there’s a catch. You’ll have to register for it using your email, you’ll have a limited amount of time to use it and you will be logged out every time you shut your device off. And overall, free wifi may not be the most reliable/stable wifi which will make it really frustrating when you’re trying to load a website or trying to pull up your route on a map. Free wifi access has definitely increased in most large cities of Japan but still it probably will not be enough. Plus do you really want to go looking for a starbucks every time you need to use wifi? Probably not. And if you are traveling anywhere in the more countryside don’t bother trying to look for free wifi because you will most likely not have much luck finding it.


Some other things you need to know, which is gain all a recap from my Part 1 of the blog so make sure to check that out, are things like where you will be renting the pocket wifi/SIM card from, some things you should know before renting a rental device and just a few other tips when renting a rental pocket wifi or SIM card. There is a lot of key information that you should know to make sure that you have the best experience when renting a pocket wifi or prepaid SIM card so make sure to do your research before renting. There are some rental websites in Japan that provide an online chat if it is during their hours of operation so I suggest asking questions as well if you have any and they usually have a frequently asked questions on their website that you can check out if you need any further information as well.


So let’s get on with part 2 of the blog which are some other things that you will definitely want to know when renting a pocket wifi or SIM card in Japan.


Wifi in Japan

Where can I pick up the pocket wifi device?

Again, depending on where you book it from your delivery option will be different. Some will have delivery to select airports across Japan like Narita airport, Haneda airport, Kansai airport, New Chitose airport, Chubu airport. There will usually be a counter in which you can pick up the device or you can pick it up from the post office in the airport. Being able to send your pocket wifi to the airport would probably be the best option as you can start using it right away which can help you get to wherever you are staying. Some other options that some sites may offer would be sending it to your hotel. Depending on which site you are renting from and which airport you will be landing in the counter at the airport may not be open if you arriving very early in the morning or if you are arriving very late at night. So you may have to have the pocket wifi device sent to your hotel. And if you are staying in an airbnb then this could possibly an option for you as well. However, you will most likely need permission for the airbnb owner before you have anything sent to the airbnb.


How do I return the rental device?

Like I have mentioned several times above, the return process may differ. However, usually you will be provided a return envelope in which all you have to do is place the device in the envelope and then drop it off at a post box, post office or lawson convenience store. Some websites may have a return counter at the airport but if they do have the option of dropping it off at a post box then usually there is one located at the departure gate of most airports. So returning the device shoudn’t be much of a hassle.

Should I get a pocket wifi device or a prepaid SIM card?

Getting a pocket wifi device or a prepaid rental will depend on how you will be using it. For example, if you plan on sharing wifi then you will probably want to get a pocket wifi device so that you can share the wifi. Also, if you are wanting to switch to multiple device like if you are using an ipad, iphone, laptop and so on then you will want to get the pocket wifi device. But say if you don’t want to deal with carrying around any extra weight then a prepaid SIM card will be much better for you. Also, for people who want to go hiking or go skiing/snowboarding then the prepaid SIM card will definitely be a better option for you.


If you would like to rent a pocket wifi device or a prepaid SIM card make sure to check out the following link for more information: https://www.genkimobile.com/

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