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Osaka Castle and Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle and Osaka Castle Park 

Osaka Castle and Osaka Castle Park 

There are lots of different castles in Japan and if you are in Osaka you will definitely want to check out the Osaka Caste. It has been one of the most popular tourist spots in Osaka and is also Osaka’s historical landmark that is built right in the middle of a modern and urban cityscape of high-rise concrete buildings. There is a huge lawn that covers the park and there are also moats, turrets and walls that surround the castle. The national government has designated thirteen of the surrounding structures as important cultural assets. The main central tower stands at 55 meters high and there is a museum inside and a viewing platform from where people can get a panoramic view of the city.

(picture source: http://aura.tw/miraiza-osakajo/)

The castle was first built between the years of 1583 and 1585 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was the ruler of Japan at the time. During Hideyoshi’s life, there were many improvements made to the castle and it was constantly being enlarged. The town of Osaka grew with the castle and soon it became the centre of politics and trade. In the early 17th century the castle was destroyed but it was rebuilt again in 1620 but then in 1665 it was destroyed again due to a fire that was caused by a lightening.

In 193, the castle that we see today was built and completed. Amazingly the castle only suffered small damages from the bombings of World War 2 but it was again badly damaged by a typhoon in 1950. And in 1997 it was completely renovated using stronger tiles, rebuilding the walls, restoring the ornaments and replacing the gold lead decoration.

Osaka Castle and Osaka Castle Park (picture source: http://tcd-wp.net/tcd024/?portfolio=%E3%82%82%E3%81%BF%E3%81%98)

The castle has 8 floors that were all made into a museum displaying everything about the history of the castle. There are all sorts of things displayed like historical artifacts, samurai costumes that you can even try on for free, screen paintings and a scale of the original castle. The 8th floor has an observation deck which you can circle around and get an amazing view.

The first floor has an information desk and here you can get audio guides for all of the floors. They have audio guides in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The first floor also consists of a movie theatre where they show historical programs with English, Chinese and Korean subtitles.

You can even get souvenirs in the castle which is located on the first and eighth floor. And conveniently for senior visitors are those is a wheelchair can go to the upper floors using an elevator.

The park right outside the castle consists of two square kilometers. And in 1599, in order to commemorate Toyotomi Hideyoshi a shrine called the Toyokuni Shrine was built. There is also a beautiful garden called the Nishinomaru Garden within the park grounds that you can enter. However, there is a fee to enter which is 200 yen. The Nishinomaru Garden has a tea house and during the Spring time there are lots of cherry blossom trees that are blooming so it is a popular place to visit during the Spring time.

There are four different stations that are a close walk from the castle so you can go to any of these stations. The stations are Osakajokoen Station, Morinomiya Station, Tanimachi 4-chome Station, and Temmabashi Station.

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