Osaka Instagram Worthy Spots

Osaka Instagram Worthy spots   Hoshi Cafe Spica   (pc: Hoshi Cafe Spica which is located in Osaka is a cafe where you can enjoy sky gazing while having drinks and food. It is pretty much like a small planetarium where the stars and moon are projected on the wall. At this cafe, they even have a roof top where you can actually enjoy real sky gazing at night. They have a bunch of really cool instagramable drinks and food on their menu as well.    Cafe Azito   (pc: This cafe has become super popular as this cafe is right by the beach and makes you feel as though you are at a beach resort. Although they only have a [...]

Things to do in Hokkaido Part 2

Things to do in Hokkaido Part 2    Tomamu ice village sapporo   (pc:   (pc:   (pc:   (pc:   (pc: Tomamu is an ice village that is built during the winter season in Sapporo. This ice village can be built in Tomamu as the temperature can reach up to -30 degrees Celsius during the winter. The ice village is quite a big area as there a bunch of different ice domes that house restaurants, bar, shop and even a wedding chapel. There is [...]

JR Train Map Guide

JR Train Map Guide   Now if you’re reading this blog, then you’ve mostly already bought your ticket to Tokyo and are now doing your research on how to get around Tokyo. Well, if you’ve already read a few websites i’m sure by now you’ll know that for most of your commute you’ll be riding either the JR trains or the subway. In this blog post, i’ll be writing about the JR trains only but you can check out my blog post about the metro subway for more information.    If you are wondering if there are other ways to travel in Tokyo other than by train then yes there is but that would be by walking or taking a taxi. But walking from place to place can be pretty far and will take up a lot of your time and [...]

Tokyo Metro Map Guide

Tokyo Metro Map Guide   When you first arrive in Tokyo, you will look at the train map and most likely be very overwhelmed. There are so many different train lines that are available that it may look very confusing. But you’ll come to find out that it is actually a very well made system that will be very convenient during your travels throughout Tokyo. And if you go to the station or search online you’ll find that there are actually really good tokyo metro map guides that show where and what station all the tourist attractions are located.        If you are looking to buy a Tokyo Metro Train Pass you should know that there are three different passes that you can buy. One is an unlimited 24 hour pass, the [...]

Things to do in Nara Japan

Things to do in Nara   Kasuga taisha   (pc:   (pc: Kasuga Taisha is one of Nara’s most famous shrine. It was built around the same time that the capital was established and the shrine is dedicated to the deity that is said to be responsible for protecting Nara city. The Fujiwara clan, which was one of the most powerful family during the Nara and Heian period, also saw the Kasuga Taisha as the shrine that protected their family. The Kasuga Taisha shrine has an offering hall in which is free for anyone to visit and then there is also an inner area of the shrine where you can get a [...]

Soba Noodles in Tokyo

Soba Noodles in Tokyo   Soba noodles is a type of thin noodles made from buckwheat flour. It is an extremely popular dish that is served both at home and in restaurants all across Japan. The tradition of eating soba comes from the Edo period. Every neighbourhood at that time had a few soba establishments in which people would stop by for a casual meal. It would be served quickly and most of the establishments also served sake. Now, super markets sell dried soba noodles and men-tsuyu (noodle broth) which has made it easy for people to prepare soba noodles even at home. You will often also see many standing noodle restaurants, Tachiguisoba, all across Japan. In Japanese, Tachi means standing and gui means eating. Many you will will see on the streets and you will even [...]

Winter activities in Hokkaido

Winter Activities in Hokkaido   Hokkaido is a very popular place in Japan for the Japanese and foreigners. Many foreigners tend to go to Hokkaido to enjoy skiing and snowboarding as Hokkaido is known to have some of the best powder. So if you are one of those people going to Hokkaido to enjoy skiing and snowboarding then you’ll probably want to do some sightseeing as well. And even if you aren’t going to Hokkaido to go skiing or snowboarding you may be going there for sightseeing. So for those of you are reading this, I have put together a list of events/places to sightsee. Sapporo Snow Festival   (picture source: (picture source: [...]

Most Beautiful Places in Japan

Most beautiful places in Japan   1. Wisteria Tunnel Ashikaga Park     (picture source:   Ashikaga Park is a park located in the city of Ashikaga of Tochigi prefecture. It can easily be accessed from tokyo as it is only about 2 hours away from Tokyo. Ashikaga park is most well known for their beautiful Wisteria Flowers. In Japanese Wisteria is actually called fuji. This Wisteria flower is native to the United States, China, Japan and is actually a very big part of the Japanese culture. The Wisteria Flower is the crest of many families in Japan and the kanji for wisteria makes up many common family names in Japan. The [...]

Instragram Worthy Cafes in Omotesando

Instagram Worthy Cafes in Omotesando   For those of you who are looking for cute cafes in the Omotesando/Harajuku area to take pictures for your instagram posts then you'll definitely want to visit these cafes below. This is a list of some of the most popular cafes in Tokyo amongst the instagramming girls in Japan. Not only are the food and drinks delicious, the food/drinks and interior of the cafe are super photogenic!   1. Nicolai Bergmann   (picture source:   (picture source:   Nicolai Bergmann who is a famous florist from Denmark has opened up a flower market tea house type of cafe in [...]

Top Onsens/Hot Springs in Japan

Top Onsens/Hot Springs Areas in Japan   Kusatsu Onsen (picture source:   (picture source: Kusatsu Onsen is one of the most famous onsen resorts in Japan. Because of the sulfur in the hot spring there is an intense sulfur smell in the entire area of kusatsu onsen. The quality of the hot spring water is said to be so good for your body that it can cure any illness. Kusatsu onsen first became really famous when a German doctor who used to serve at the imperial court boasted about the health benefits of this hot spring in the late 1800s. Kusatsu onsen is located jn the mountains of the Gunma prefecture and offers other [...]