Things to do near Ueno Station

Things to do near Ueno Station   Are you staying near Ueno station during your stay in Tokyo? Well, here are a few things you can do that are near Ueno station.   1. Ameyoko (Ameya Yokocho) Shopping Street  Ameyoko which is short for Ameya Yokocho (candy store alley) was originally an area in which candies were traditionally sold. In the following year after World War II, it became like a black market where a lot of the American products were being sold and therefore it was named “Ame” which stands for “America”. Today, there are various products being sold from clothes, cosmetics, fresh fish, spices and sportswear. It is said to be a place where you can bargain and therefore it is very popular amongst [...]

Climbing Mount Fuji

          If you are traveling to Japan this summer, you may be looking for things to put on your bucket list. Well, if you’re up for the challenge I would definitely recommend climbing up Mount Fuji.            My friends and I climbed Mount Fuji in late July, 2014. And let me tell you, it was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had in Japan. It was, without a doubt, a challenge but it was a very worthwhile challenge. So let me continue to give you information on what you need to know before and during your climb up Mount Fuji.            First of all, you need to decide when you will be climbing Mount Fuji. The climbing season starts early July to mid September. Any [...]

Hello World!

Hello World! Welcome to my first Blog :) First of all we would like to introduce our company Assist Solutions, an IT company based in Tokyo supporting the international community with their internet-related needs. Genki Mobile is our new service dedicated to tourists who visit Japan for a short period of time. With the start of our business we felt that by writing a blog with information about Japan could benefit our customers and other readers of this blog.  The author of this blog will be "Genki-kun". Genki-kun will be posting many things about Japan, from travel spots to food to must go events. By blogging this information we hope to help you have the best trip here in Japan. Here are just some quick fun facts about Tokyo: Did you know [...]

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