Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Tokyo

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants   If you are a Vegetarian/Vegan and you’re traveling to Japan, then you may find it a bit challenging. In Japan, you probably won’t meet a single person who is a vegetarian/vegan. It is pretty much unheard of for a Japanese to be vegetarian/vegan as it is a part of their culture to eat fish/meat. Even the soup is fish or meat base so it can make it super challenging to find food in Japan.    However, because there are so many foreigners living in Japan, especially Tokyo, it has become much more common to see restaurants that are all vegetarian/vegan or restaurants that have vegetarian/vegan options. It is even becoming more common to see imported vegetarian/vegan foods in some of the supermarkets now. [...]

Top Japanese Foods to Try

Top Japanese Foods To Try During Your Trip To Japan If you are planning a trip to Japan, then as a part of your trip you’re probably wanting to eat a lot of Japanese food to get the whole Japanese experience. Wherever you are from i’m sure that you’ve had sushi, ramen and tempura as those are some of the main things that we see/eat at Japanese restaurants in foreign countries. However, there’s actually so many other Japanese foods that i’m sure you’ve never tried before that are super delicious. So i will be listing a few of the top japanese foods you should try out during your trip to Japan! 1. Okonomiyaki   (picture source: [...]

Top Illuminations in Japan

Top Illuminations in Japan:   Winter time is the best in Japan as lots of places light up with beautiful christmas lights at night. Pretty much anywhere you go you can see that there are beautiful lights decorated down the streets and stores are all in a festive mood. Japan has some of the most amazing illuminations that are seriously worth going to if you are ever in any of these areas so I will be introducing them to you:   1. Tokyo Midtown/Roppongi Hills   (picture source: Tokyo Midtown includes multiple illuminations on this area. The garden in Midtown is decorated with lights and there is even a short light show that goes on. Even as you go down the Roppongi hills area you will see [...]

Nikko Day Trip - Itinerary Sample #1

Nikko Day Trip - Itinerary Sample #1   If you are planning a trip to Tokyo there are a bunch of other day trips from Tokyo that you can make. Some are much closer than others. In today’s blog I have made a sample itinerary for those who want to plan a day trip to Nikko. This is sample itinerary two which will include a day trip to Nikko’s Edo Wonderland. I have also written another sample itinerary for a day trip to Nikko so be sure to check that out.   (picture source: japan times)     In order to have a full day in Nikko you’ll have to start your day very early since it can take around 2 to 3 hours to get there depending on which train route you take. And both Nikko Edo Wonderland and Tobu World [...]

Travel Essentials - What to bring to Japan

Travel Essentials - What to bring to Japan   If you are reading this blog I am assuming that your tickets to Japan have already been booked and now you are trying to figure out exactly what you’ll need for your trip to Japan. Some of the things listen here may be common sense, some things may be things you are hearing for the first time and others may be things that you remember hearing about but completely forgot about. Either way, when traveling to a different country for the first time it’s always good to have these types of information to fully enjoy your trip. So now i’ll get into some essential things you’ll be needing for your trip to Japan!   1. Light travel bag   (picture source: [...]

Narita Airport Post Office and Post Box

Narita Airport Post Box and Post Office   Previously, in my other blog post I showed the locations of the post box at the Haneda Airport. For this blog post, I will be explaining where the post office and post boxes are located at Narita Airport Terminal1, 2 and 3. So if you have any last minute letters, post cards or packages that you want to send off then you’ll know exactly where to go to at the airport. Remember though that there is no post office or post box located past the departure gate so make sure that it is all sent out before you go in through the departure gate.   Terminal 1 At Narita Terminal 1, there is a post office and post box located on the 4th floor departure lobby. In the airport shopping mall on the 4th floor, [...]

The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo   During the Spring time in Japan, probably the most popular event for tourists and Japanese people is Hanami (cherry blossom watching). Many tourists from all over the world come to Japan to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. And if you’re reading this right now you’re probably here to research where the top spots in Tokyo are to look at the cherry blossoms. So here is a list of some of the most popular places to visit for Hanami.   1. Shinjuku Gyoen   (picture source: Shinjuju Gyoen is super beautiful all year round but it is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom season. The [...]

Unique Hotels in Japan (Part 2)

Unique Hotels in Japan (Part 2) Japan has many different unique hotels that you can stay at. Some are not very well known and some people may know about but not have much information on it. This blog will simply inform you with the basic information about the different unique hotels in Japan. And if you haven't seen the part 1 blog post about the unique hotels in Japan be sure to check that out.   Mongolia Village Tenger The Mongolia Village Tenger is located in Nasu, Japan. You get to experience the Mongolian culture by staying in an actual Mongolian Yurt which was imported straight from Mongolia. There are 4 beds in each hurt but there are also 3 other sofa beds so that it could accommodate up to 7 people. There are 32 yurts in total on [...]

Things to do in Kamakura

Things to do in Kamakura - Kamakura One Day Trip from Tokyo     If you are in Tokyo, you may be planning a few one day trips. There are a whole bunch of day trips that you could consider taking such as a day trip to Nikko, Hakone, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Enoshima and the list goes on. Today, I thought it would be best to introduce one of my favorite day trips which was to Kamakura. I’ve included the places that I visited, how to get there and my thoughts on the whole trip.   How to get to Kamakura:   Shinjuku: If you are going from Shinjuku station then you can take one line which is the Shonan Shinjuku Line and it will take you all the way to Kamakura Station. It will take about an hour and the cost is about 920 [...]

How to get to and from Narita Airport

How to get to and from Narita       (picture source:   Here are the different transportation options for you if you are going from Narita Airport to Shinjuku. The reason I have chosen Shinjuku is because in my opinion it is the most convenient place to stay for tourists and as there are actually many tourists that stay in Shinjuku I thought it would be most helpful to write a transportation guide on how to get to and from Narita Airport from Shinjuku. But of course all of these options can be adjusted to wherever else you plan on staying. If you are going from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku I have written a blog post on that too so [...]