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Sometimes you schedule SIM card deliveries and make sure to match your schedule, and then delivery just didn’t make it in time so you are out of a physical SIM card for the day of your vacation. With eSIMs that will never happen again.

eSIMs are the new SIM cards where you can literally download a SIM card onto your device. There is no longer a need for delivery, pick up, return, etc. All the annoying stuff about having a physical SIM card just got fixed by not having one in the first place. 


How does it work?

New phones now have a serial number that is attached to their device to allow eSIMs which are called EIDs, companies can match that EID you give to them for an order and basically turn the valve for data to your phone. What’s cool is this is the same for rentals, once your rental period is over companies have the ability to turn the valve back to turn off your data, and you are free to delete the eSIM and download more in the future. 


Check if you can use ESIM

Look in the about sections of your phone or the cellular section, in there you can see options such as add eSIM or EID, which are signs that your phone is compatible with eSIM. If you can’t see it googling your phone and eSIM is a surefire way to know if your phone is compatible.


With this you can download your SIM card at your own time, before you go on the trip, set up the APN and everything, and after all that is done you can get on the plane and have data in the country that you land in. There is no more need to worry about getting lost upon arrival since you don’t have data. eSIMs can give you data upon landing. 


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