Unlimited Data

The Truth About Unlimited Data

The Truth Behind Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data has been a term that has been thrown around quite a lot and is a term that is used quite broadly. Originally since data was not as a commodity and more of a luxury, people who were able to afford unlimited data genuinely received unlimited data. But now with the widespread use of data and hundreds of millions of people accessing it, there is not enough data in the world to allow everyone to have unlimited access to the internet on their mobile devices anymore. Most companies are no longer providing truly “unlimited” data.

The term unlimited data refers to having data that is not limited. That is quite self explanatory, but everyone does not seem to realize that although companies do not literally put a cap on their customer’s data usage, they will drastically slow the speeds of the customers data. 

To think of it logically the unlimited data being advertised if given some thought is simply too good to be true, if that were the case what is stopping people from cutting off their wifi plans and using the data from their phone for all their devices. This limit is in place to prevent companies from bleeding out lots of money from customers that try to rely solely on the data of their mobile device. At the end of the day companies are there to make money hence they also usually have things such as daily limits in place that will temporarily suspend data activity if a customer is expanding too much data

You might ask why is this not more widespread knowledge but most customers do not experience this slowness since the average person only uses about 5 GBs of data per month and those data caps are set at places upwards of 10 GBs sometimes even 25. The vast majority are happy with the high speed thresholds placed by companies so when people experience days when they are passed the cap, they think it’s either a bad day or they are just unlucky.

Even a company like ours technically could advertise our plans as being unlimited, but ethically we do not agree with doing so. We do not technically limit your data usage, we just simply make it slower (but still twice as fast as other companies after the cap). Even with our simple 5GB plan once you go past 5 GBs there is no automatic top up or cut in service. You are still able to use data, but just not the speeds before 5GBs. What companies are essentially making you pay with the monthly fees is the high speed internet for a certain amount of GBs and you can get as much lower speed data as you want. 

If you truly want to know the limit of your data I would ask your provider the topics discussed above. There is no longer such a thing as truly “Unlimited Data”, there is always something limiting you.

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