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Osaka Central Fish Market

Osaka Central Fish Market

Osaka Central Fish Market 

In Osaka there is a market place called the Osaka Central Fish Market that sells a bunch of fresh seafood, vegetables, meat and fruits but there is another popular market called the Osaka Central Fish Market. They sell fresh fish as well as fresh vegetables and fruits as well. Most of the food supply in Osaka passes through this market so it is considered to be the heart of Osaka which is known as being a gourmet city.

Osaka Central Fish Market (picture source: http://anugrah.staylive.site/osaka-central-fish-market-time/)

Although you can visit this market, it actually is not officially a tourist attraction as it is a working market. So if you do go make sure that you do not get in anyone’s way as they are working very hard. Most of the action takes place in the very early hours of the morning. The main attraction would be the tuna auction which takes place at 4 in the morning. This is much like the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo except the Tsukiji market if an official tourist attraction.

Osaka Central Fish Market (picture source: https://thetravelintern.com/osaka-central-fish-market/)

At the Osaka Central Fish Market, after the tuna auction has taken place the tuna are taken away to the shops in the market and then cut up and prepared to be sold. There are a bunch of different shops that you can look at when walking around and they are filled with a bunch of different types of colorful seafood.

If you are interested, the Osaka Central Fish Market holds official tours of the market. These are group tours and they usually start at around 8:45 am. The tour includes a viewing of the fruit auction, a tour of the fish vegetable shops in the market and they also give you an explanation of the history of the market as well as the process of the sales that take place.

Just like at the Tsukiji Fish Market, there are a bunch of restaurants at the Osaka Central Fish Market and so you can enjoy the fresh seafood at the restaurants. The most famous restaurants here would be the sushi shops. Endo Sushi is one of the most popular ones as it has the longest history out of all the other restaurants. The original owner of the Endo sushi created tsukami zushi in 1907 which was a new style of sushi. Endo sushi still serves this tsukami zushi until this day.

Osaka Central Fish Market (picture source: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270107/27002213/)

Usually, nigiri zushi uses warm rice that is pressed together. However, at Endo Sushi their sushi is not pressed together so firmly. Endo Sushi first opened at the market in 1931 which was the same year that the wholesale market opened. There are 4 set plates that you can choose from and each of the plates include five different types of sushi.

Because Endo Sushi is so popular there is usually a very long line in front of the restaurant. The restaurant is open from 5am and is only open until 2pm. And it is closed on Sunday and holidays. If you happen to go there on a day when it is closed you can definitely try out some of the other sushi restaurants as well because there are lots of delicious sushi restaurants here.

The Osaka Central Fish Market is extremely easy to get to as it is only a 10 minute walk away from the Noda Station. And there is a big sign pointing to where the market place is so it is fairly straight forward and easy to find.

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