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Soni Highland

Soni Highland

Soni Highland

Soni Highland is located in Uda and it is rich with natural beauty. For those of you who are not aware Uda is located in the northeastern area of Nara and is very popular for hiking during the autumn season and is also popular for its hot springs. And of course, because of all the greenery and beauty it provides it can help you destress as well.

Soni Highland(picture source: http://www.soni-kogen.com/photo.html)

There is a huge grass field that reaches up to Mount Kuroso and there is a hiking course that offers a beautiful sunset view across Nara and towards the Mie Prefecture. The hiking course is not too difficult so if even if you are a beginner you should be able to hike it without any problems.

Soni Highland(picture source: http://yamatoji.nara-kankou.or.jp/02nature/02kougen/03east_area/sonikogen/event/kobml6vc58/)

The grass on this field is in its best condition during the month of November so if you want to see a perfectly green field make sure to visit during the month of November. And during the summer season you can spot fireflies flying along the Soni River.

Soni Highland(picture source: http://www.soni-kogen.com/photo.html)

If you go to Nara city then you can take a day trip to Soni Highland. It’s a great getaway with tons of hiking courses and beautiful views. So in other words, a great way to escape the business of the city.

If you plan on taking a day trip to Soni Highland it is recommended to take a car which is about a 30 minute ride away from Murou. But if you want to get there using public transportation then you can take a bus from Nabari station. During the peak season to visit the Soni Highland there are buses that run daily.

The very first bus departs Nabari station at at 9:30 am and the last bus back leaves at 3:30 pm from Soni Kogen Farm Garden.

If you take the bus you will be dropped of at the Soni Kogen Farm Garden. This is a great place to start out your trip. There is a restaurant here and a fresh produce shop. There are also public facilities and even a craft brewery.

And close to the Soni Kogen Farm Garden you will find a very popular bakery. The bakery is called Kogen Okome no Yakata and they use rice flour which makes the lightest breads and cakes. You can buy some for you trip up the hiking course.

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