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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

As all of you know, Valentine’s Day is a very romantic day for a lot of people and is celebrated all over the world. Although it may be a little cheesy and cliche to some, to others it is a day to celebrate love with not only their partner but celebrate their love for their friends as well. Over the past few years it has become popular for friends to celebrate valentine’s day together as well.

Some would say that Valentine’s day is too commercialized but in my opinion it really depends on what you make of the day. I believe that you can choose to celebrate it in whatever way you wish. You can give/receive nice gifts from people but you can also choose to not spend money and just make gifts or just do something simple like writing a letter.

In Japan, Valentine’s day is a big holiday as well. Except it is a bit different from how it is done in Western countries. So some of the traditions that we are used to are traditions that are not done in Japan.

Valentine's Day

(picture source: http://www.tv3.ie/xpose/article/lifestyle/261409/5-ways-to-practise-selflove-on-Valentines-Day)

Valentine's Day(picture source: https://www.hellomagazine.com/cuisine/2018020646075/valentines-day-2018-meal-deals/)

In a lot of Western countries, Valentine’s day is more about the women. So either the boyfriend or husband will buy roses, chocolates or a gift for their woman. And they would be taken out for a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant. Now it is much more common for both the boyfriend and girlfriend to exchange gifts.

Valentine's Day(picture source: http://why-information.com/archives/3002.html)

But in Japan, people have their own way of doing Valentine’s Day. And this is that instead of the guy giving a gift to the girl the girl will give a gift to the guy. So the girlfriend or wife will buy chocolates or a gift for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Or a girl will get chocolates or a gift to a guy that they like.

Valentine's Day(picture source: http://girlydrop.com/event/2299)

Chocolates and other valentine’s day gift and treats are sold all around Japan and you will see that it is mostly women who are lined up getting these treats. You will rarely see any men getting buying treats on this day. It is also known that that some boys/men will only accept a gift given by a girl that he is interested in. However, this is a person by person basis so not all boys/men do this. Most of the time they will accept all the gifts that is given to him.

It may seem unfair that only the girls give gifts on Valentine’s day but it actually isn’t a one-sided event as in Japan there is another celebration called White Day where the men will gift women on this day. White Day takes place a month after Valentine’s Day on March 14th. And this is when men will give back to their girl or they will return the sentiment to the girls he received gifts from on Valentine’s Day.

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